The Third Week

by Antonio
(Rochester, New York)

Southeast Altar

Southeast Altar

Southeast Altar Freyja, Closer Freyja, Distant

I was not able to immediately commence the work of the third week owing to some personal timing issues. I did the first five days at home, but had to pack my altar items into a trunk so that I could do the last two days on vacation while moving into a lakehouse. Above are the pictures of my altar (using Ing runes), a close-up of my Freyja statue, and a more distant picture showing my make-shift altar set-up for the last two days. On the right side of the desk is a hard-bound diary of sorts. Before I start each vow, I read through the lesson, and make notes of correspondences, etc., and then write out the process that I will follow for the week. This has saved me from forgetting altar items and steps in the process.

I chose to work with the goddess Freyja and the mantra Freyja this week. I found her to be very regal and wise, not lustful as she is sometimes portrayed. She is a goddess of sexuality, to be sure -- but the mystical sense of sexuality was more prominent to me than the fertility sense.

The process of creating Thor's Hammer went well this week, and I was surprised that I could do all of the steps and create the Hammer with palpable results in the 10 minutes I had allotted that step. After lighting the fire, chanting Ing once, and doing a round of the mantra on my mala, I worked with the spiritual fire within myself as given in the directions. To do this, I used a color scale for the interior centers that I had previously learned in esoteric work. I first brought the fire to the center at the base of the spine, visualizing the flame surrounded by a certain color (indigo). I then focused on it for a couple of breaths. Then brought it up to the sexual center on the next inhale, visualizing the flame surrounded by another color (red). And so on, up the centers, until I reached the center between the eyes (blue). I meditated on that center for several minutes. Then I brought the flame back down, reversing the process, leaving it at the solar plexus center (purple). I use the throat center as green, and the heart center as orange. I use yellow for the very top center, although I did not use it in this process, but stopped at the "third eye".

At the end of each session, before closing down, I added another 3 to 5 minutes of meditation to focus on the presence of Freyja, and any messages that she wanted to convey.

On the third day, I drew some runes, shown in the first picture above -- Hagalaz, Berkano, Uruz. On the fourth day, I meditated on the meaning. I found this interesting because I sometimes associate Hagalaz with illness and Uruz with health. So, a basic meaning could be "illness gives birth to health." Although apparently contradictory, I realized it was true: the symptoms we experience as illness are actually by-products of the body's work in trying to heal itself. Freyja gave me to understand that this is also true in the realm of spiritual development: disruptions make us stronger. We cannot spiritually progress and remain as we are. We must meet challenges (Hagalaz), and this gives rise (Berkano) to spiritual strength (Uruz) as we meet them.

On the seventh and last day, as I was closing down, I had a very physical sense of tingling all over my body, and a sense of accomplishment and happiness for completing this third vow. I am enjoying getting to know the Gods more individually. So far, I have worked with Heimdall, Thor, and now Freyja.

On to the reading for the fourth week!

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