The Solar Wheel
Master Talisman of Wizards

The Solar Wheel talisman is likely the oldest magickal symbol in human history. This Sacred Circle governs every aspect of our lives and our environments.

Every culture in the world has used some version of this symbol as an object of worship. And for good reason... our Sun is the source of all Life in our planetary system!

Different examples of the application of this Sacred Circle symbol include:

  • Stonehenge
  • Medicine Wheels
  • Wheel of Life
  • Wiccan Circle of the Seasons
  • Norse Aegishjalmur
  • Sun Dial

As you can see, the application of this Talisman is multi-dimensional and is used for many different, but related purposes.

A master Wizard who understands the meanings of each of the 8 directions and 11 dimensions of the 8-spoked Sun-Wheel can create his/her own specific mandala.

The 8-spoked Sun Talisman is a gateway to:

  • The Nine Spiritual Dimensions of the World Tree
  • The Axis Mundi that connects the three "Shamanic" upper, middle and lower worlds
  • The "Tai Chi Pole" or the Central Energy Channel inside the human body.

A Wizard only need focus on the eight directions and the Axis Mundi as these effect all things. However, if a magician has a good understanding of the entire octaganol talisman, he/she may then experiment with the other 4-spoked versions for more specific magical purposes. But please be careful as they are very powerful! Best to stick with the 8-sided version for now to keep things in balance. ;)

We will study three different types of mandalas in the FREE online apprenticeship course which are used for different spiritual purposes:

  • 8-spoked Universal Solar Wheel
  • 4-spoked External/Elemental "Celtic Cross"
  • 4-spoked Internal/Spiritual "Gebo" Cross

The 8-spoked version is the most important as it governs the entire manifested cosmos. It incorporates both the external Universe at large and the internal microcosm of human experience. A magician must first study and grasp the basics of this symbol first.

The Celtic Cross balances the Five Elements on the Physical plane and is used for influencing external events such as people, events, weather, etc...

The 4-spoked "Gebo" version is used to balance and transform the person on the spiritual and psychological levels. This operates on the psychological or lunar plane.

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