Second Week

by Antonio
(Rochester, NY)

Eastern Altar

Eastern Altar

This week, starting on a Saturday and ending on a Sunday, I worked with Thor, using the Ong Thoong Thunoraya Nama chant. A picture of my altar is above, showing a statue of Thor, an incense pot, my mjollnir necklace pendant, two Thurisaz runes, and my mala.

I had previously practiced the Thunor Hammer creation a few times, without much sensation. Nonetheless, I felt I had a good internal connection to Thor from those sporadic attempts. Still, it took me until about the 4th day before I was able to feel the energy during the practice. To me, it felt like I was working with a very slightly thicker air, with a slight magnetic quality to it. An important point I took away from the instructional videos (the one where the Hammer is actually created) is: keep yourself in the "subtle realm."

I performed the practice only once per day, in the morning. The way I had written it out, it took me about 45 minutes to perform from start to finish, and I thought that was sufficient for a day. During the practice, I used a soundtrack of a thunderstorm playing, via my iPod and an app called Ambiance. I liked the effect. While creating the Meginjord, on the inhale, I visualized energy streaming to me from the East.

During the meditation portion, I either visualized energy streaming to me and blessing me from the East, from a scene of the rising sun, or attempted to communicate with Thor. With respect to the latter, two important lessons stand out:

First, during one session, we discussed the nature of good and evil. My understanding is that Thor's role is not to *defeat* evil, but to transform or transmute it into good via electromagnetic energy. This is not necessarily borne out by the tales about him (he's always bashing and killing giants, for instance), but on a more esoteric level, I believe it holds true. He is a force of ripening not of destruction.

Second, on the 5th day, I decided to draw three runes right before the meditation practice, and then meditate on the results. I received: Algiz (R), Fehu (R), and Eihwaz. These stumped me for a few minutes, but then I interpreted: "You must make yourself vulnerable and forget all material cares if you wish to travel up and down the worlds." That interpretation, however, also rather stumped me, so I asked for guidance from Thor. His clarification was that to travel the worlds, it is necessary to be in a state of vulnerability...we cannot charge into them by force, but must get into them subtly. We cannot slip through the cracks of the worlds clanging with heavy mental and emotional armor. "How do I protect myself, then, once there, if I am vulnerable in the process of *getting* there?" His answer: You must never go except under the protection and guidance of a god.

During the chanting practice, from the 3rd day until the end of the week, I felt my body perceptibly tingling all over for the first couple minutes of the chanting.

I am looking forward to the third week.

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