You Are Already a Magician!

Magick is simply the act of directing Life Force Energy through the power of Will to effect change in the manifested Cosmos.

Sounds simple, right?...

Simple - Yes... Easy? - No, not at all.

The average human runs around creating their environment willy-nilly through whatever random acts of their unbridled subconscious.

The Wise One, on the other hand, has full awareness of his/her subconscious desires and knows how to direct them to create their ideal life.

The difference between the Master and the average person is this:

The Wizard is aware of the Universe he creates and the average person thinks he/she is just a victim of circumstance.

There is nothing "otherworldly" about the power to change our circumstances through the power of intent. Everyone does it all the time.

Changing one's career is a metaphysical action:

  • You become aware that you are unhappy in your current job.
  • You direct your Will (intent) toward the kind of job you want.
  • You direct your Life Force through intent to get that job.

This example may not seem very unusual, but it is nonetheless an act of Magick.

However, most of the supernatural acts we do go unnoticed to us. The external results in our lives are usually interpreted as random acts of chance.

Many people believe they are merely helpless victims of circumstance. But in actuality, our external circumstances are the direct result of our Life Force being directed by either our conscious or subconscious intent to create our exact life circumstances.

The first step in becoming a Magus is mastering the awareness of our conscious and subconscious Will (intent.)

The power of Will governs or is ruled by:

  • Subconscious Desires
  • The Physical Body
  • Life Force Energy
  • Psychological Patterns

Whether or not we are governed or ruled by these forces is dependent on our awareness of our psychological patterns. Any true school of the occult will focus on increasing the awareness of our internal desires and emotions.

Some different schools of Wizardry include:

  • Hermeticism
  • Ceremonial
  • Chaos
  • Hindu Tantra (No. It has nothing to do with sex)
  • Black
  • White

The Mastery of Self through conscious awareness is the first and most difficult hurdle in the pursuit of Wizardry.

In the upcoming apprenticeship section, we will go more deeply into the pre-requisites for practicing this art. I will show you a FREE step-by-step method to learning real Magick.

You will learn how to:

  • Increase your awareness
  • Master unconscious desires
  • Gather and direct Life Force Energy to achieve your goals
  • Awaken your Divine Nature

Do you have what it takes? Many do not.

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