Online Sun-Wheel
Magick Apprenticeship

This website is designed to be a complete, free online Magick apprenticeship course in the Universal Sun-Wheel Mandala.

This FREE course will cover introductions into:
Magick, Mysticism, Meditation, Energy Magick (Qigong), Animism (Shamanism), Mantra, Spell-work, Talismanic Magick, Elemental Magick, Vibrational Magick ("Shamanic" rhythm)

Traditionally, Wizards would teach their apprentices in all of the above disciplines. However, many cultures have abandoned their ancestral Earth Wisdom. A few spiritual traditions like the Hindu and the Taoist have kept their ancient wisdom, but unfortunately, in modern times, these ancient practices are being carved up into smaller pieces and sold to the masses. This process has watered-down the power of these practices. In order to gain the full power of ancestral wisdom paths, they need to be taught in wholistic fashion, not piece-meal.

For twenty years, I have been researching different Wisdom paths that have an unbroken connection to their pre-history. This online Magick Apprenticeship course contains the fundamental teachings and techniques originally taught in traditional Magickal practices. By studying and practicing the exercises in this course, you will be able to understand any other traditional spiritual practice. (perhaps even better than "masters" do because you will have a practical understanding of these principles that can be applied in any cultural context.)

This Magick Apprenticeship Course in Sun-Wheel Magick will lay the groundwork for a full spectrum Magical tradition in the spirit of the Old Ways.

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The eight spoked Sun-Wheel Mandala utilizes spirit energy as it manifests in the physical and spiritual planes.

Energy manifests differently through the nine worlds of the World Tree in various directions for different reasons.

The different directions that Energy manifests is:

  • Clockwise
  • Counter-Clockwise
  • Crosswise
  • Diagonally

Calling on Spirit Energy to manifest in these different directions serves different purposes for the Wizard in his/her Magickal work. The different functions for these directional manifestations are:

  • Manifesting/Healing (Clockwise)
  • Cleansing/Protection (Cross-Wise)

  • Regressing/Invoking (Counter-clockwise)
  • Evolving/Purifying (Diagonally)

For the first level of this free Magick Apprenticeship course we will follow the Spirit Energy as it manifests in the physical plane. To do this, we will address each of the nine directions in a clockwise fashion. This will act as an initiation into each of the realms of the world tree. When we have worked with each of the nine realms, we will have invoked Spirit Power from each world into our being.

We will end level one of the Magick Apprenticeship with an invocation for the Center which is the Human Realm. Having accomplished this, we will have begun a life-long re-integration of the nine dimensions into our body, mind and spirit. This will help us to access the nine realms at all times. This power will help us to invoke the powers of each spiritual dimension at will in our Magickal work.

If you have read all of the previous pages on this website and are ready to begin with the first lesson, I suggest going back and reviewing the World Tree page to familiarize yourself with all of the Nine-Worlds contained in the Eight spoked Sun-Wheel mandala.

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