Lesson 2:
The East and Life Force Energy

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In lesson one, we opened the energetic channels to receive spiritual Power and guidance from the highest sources of Divinity. Now we follow Electro-Magnetic Energy Clockwise from the the North East to the East as it makes it's first descent into physical reality. Here the Ether element begins to mix with the Fire Element. When Ether begins to mix with Fire it results in Pure Life Force Energy. The East is the realm of Lightning and Thunder. This also the realm of the rising Sun. Most traditions face the East during many rituals. The word "North" is a very ancient Germanic word which means "Left and Under." When facing Eastward, the North is to our left hand side. This means that our European ancestors oriented themselves toward the rising Sun in the East. In the Norse Myths, the East was the realm of the Giants. The Giants represent primal Life Force Energy similar to the Dinosaurs. The East is the realm of dragons and pure, primal power.

For the Elemental Wizard, the East is the Realm of the Expansive Power of the Ether Element. In my opinion, the god that best represents the expansive power of Life Force Energy in the East is the Norse god of Lightning and Thunder, Thor. Thor is the son of Odin (who here represents the shamanic "Sky Father) and of the goddess Earth. Lightning is the dynamic mixture of Heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang, Shiva and Shakti. Thor was prayed to by farmers to fertilize their crops. Lightning is responsible for all plant life on Earth. Lighting is hotter than the surface of the Sun. In physics, the Electro-Magnetic Force is responsible for allowing the Sun to create light and heat from Hydrogen without burning itself out. In Vedic mysticism, the Sun is said to worship Indra (Thor) in order to gain power and learn mastery. In short, the force of Electro-Magnetic energy is the first-cause element in all life. Without mastery of this Power, no magick can be accomplished.

In this lesson, we are going to learn how to absorb the expansive Power of Life Force Energy. This a most crucial step in the training of a Wizard. In my opinion, the gathering and storing of Life Force Energy is overlooked in many Magickal systems. But anyone who has learned how to summon and control this Energy can tell you how indispensable this Power is in magickal workings.

So, lets get right to it: The first thing I will teach you is what I have called "Thunor's Hammer" exercise. Thunor is the Anglo-Saxon name for Thor. This is a qigong (Qi=energy Gong=work) routine that incorporates the essentials of 1) Gathering 2) Storing and 3) Manipulating Life Force Energy.

(For those of you from the ThunderWizard website who have already learned this exercise, now we will formally make it a daily routine in our Wizard training.)

Your vow for this week includes practicing this exercise at least once per day. If you can, I recommend doing it twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening. For this week, we are going to supercharge our energy bodies. After this week, you can continue to practice this twice a day or just once. But from now on, this exercise or one equivalent to it will be done once a day for as long as you choose to practice Wizardry.

Why is this so important?

Because one of our main objectives as Wizards is to be able to effect change in the manifested world. That requires that we have the excess energy to channel into the world and it also requires that we have the power to change ourselves internally. Both of these objectives require lots of Life Force Energy.

The benefits of this exercise also include: Better health, mental and emotional harmony and longer life. The difference between the Wizard and the average person who practices qigong is that the Wizard plans to use this Energy for magickal works. Anyone reading this who has practiced Bardon's exercises can see where these exercises are going when we get to creating Thought Forms and magikcal entities who will be sent out to perform works of Magick for us.

Many of you who have already learned some form of energy practice may be thinking " I already know how to do this. I'm going to skip this step." Perhaps you do and you are encouraged to continue to practice any form of energy work you personally enjoy. But for now, for the sake of this course and to keep the integrity of your vow, I recommend that you practice these exercises here. The Iron Grippers exercise is essential when learning how to create thought forms in Magick.

So, to summarize, your vow for this week is simple, learn this exercises and practice them at least once a day (preferably twice per day.) For those who want to really supercharge this week, I will list some mantras after the videos. For more info on how to incorporate mantras and deities into this exercise, and to learn the best days and times to do this practice, scroll to the bottom.

Make sure that you perform the Close-down routine at the the end of your practice.

(Note: Make sure you are physically fit and do not have any heart problems or blood pressure problems. If you have doubts, please check with a physician before attempting any exercise routine.)

To get even more out of your practice, face East, place a picture or symbol of your Thunder deity in the East in front of you. Do your practice while looking at your deity's picture or symbol. When you are finished with the exercise, immediately assume your meditative position. (Yogic style or in a chair.) Make SURE your back and neck are straight, chant your mantra 54 or 108 times. Use a mala if necessary. When you are finished with your entire practice, do the close-down routine above. This close-down routine is mandatory. It is critical that you ground these very powerful energies into your navel center after every Life Force Exercise. Qigong and Mantra combinations are extremely powerful. Mantra will increase the power of your qigong routine exponentially. If you do not ground these energies, you can cause yourself very serious physical, mental and/or emotional damage. You have been warned.

(You are responsible for your own health and safety. If at any time, you feel overstimulated STOP. if you get moody, sleepless, or experience any other physical or emotional discomfort STOP ALL PRACTICES IMMEDIATELY and seek professional medical help.)

OK so, here are the videos...Please follow them in order.

(ThunderWizard apprentices, I recommend you chant the Thunor mantra below (#3) OR chant the Thurisaz Rune sound 54 times. Don't do both! Too powerful.... and that you also place a large Thurisaz Rune symbol in the East. If you don't have one, you can easily paint one in red Ink on a piece of paper.)


Here is a list of deities you can worship for this exercise:

Thor (Norse)

Thunor (Anglo-Saxon)

Jupiter (Roman)

Zeus (Greek)

Indra (Vedic)

Shiva (Hindu)

Hanuman (Hindu)

Ganesha (Hindu)

Or any deity that represents either the rising sun or thunder and lightning.


Here are some mantras that you can use for this exercise. Pick only one mantra from the list below. You can use a symbol or picture of your deity but it is not mandatory at this stage.

Ong Nama Shivaya

(use with Shiva Lingam or Shiva statue or picture)

Ong Indraya Namah

(use with Indra photo)

Ong Thoong Thunoraya Nama

(use with Thor statue or picture)

Ong Hang Hanumate Nama

(Hang is pronounced "hung" like "I hung the drapes." Use with Hanuman statue or picture)

Ong Shri Ganeshaya Nama

(use with Ganesha statue or picture)

Chant the Thurse Rune sound, "Thooorisaz"

(use with Thurisaz Rune symbol)

You are free to practice whenever you have time during your day. If you want to, you can choose auspicious days and times to practice. The best days to start this routine is either Thursday (For Life Force Energy) or on Sunday (for the power of the Sun.)

If on Thursday start your practice at 6:00 (a.m or p.m.) or at midnight. (move the time ahead one hour for daylight savings time.)

If on a Sunday start your practice at 6:00 or 9:00 (a.m or p.m.) (move the time ahead one hour for daylight savings time.)

So, that's it for week two. You are encouraged to make a longer vow of 10 days, 40 days or even one year. The time you spend on this exercise will give you untold benefits. There is no hurry. The more time you spend summoning and storing Life Force Energy will be well spent.

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