Lesson Three
The Internal, Spiritual Fire

In Lesson Three, we will learn the mysteries of the South East Direction. I do not use the word "mystery" here lightly. The South East is the repository of untold reservoirs of Magick. This is the realm of the subconscious. It is the home of that which makes us truly and uniquely human. The South East is the home of the earthly, human personality. Let me be clear; to be Human is to be Magickal. Most people are still operating from their Dwarf nature. To be Human is to integrate the human personality with the internal Divine nature. Not all people have done this. This is something we will explore here in South East Direction.

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According to Taoist Mysticism, the South East is the realm of the trigram "Wind." Another Taoist name for this direction is the "Door of Humanity." According to the Vedics, the South East is the home of the planet Venus and the realm of Agni. Agni is the Vedic god of sacrificial fire. Indo European languages, (including English) originally had two words for Fire. One was the external physical fire, called Pyr in Greek and Fire in English. The other word was for the internal, sacred fire Agni.

This word for sacred fire is still retained in the Latin word Ignis, the Sanskrit word Agni and the Germanic Rune ING. The English word "inglenook" means fireplace. It's original meaning was the "nook for the sacred fire" (Ing). This hearkens back to a time when the polytheist Anglo-Saxons practiced a form of Indo-European polytheism that used the fireplace of the home as a sacred altar. We still hang stockings over the fireplace and place pictures of our ancestors on the mantle. This all reveals our ancient, pre-Christian polytheist culture that worshiped at the Inglenook.

The Human relationship to Fire is very, very old. Paleoanthropologists have determined that the first human ancestors to use fire were the species known as "Homo Erectus." These human predecessors would make use of fires started from lightning strikes. They began cooking their food and using fires to protect themselves at night from animals.
It has also been determined that human ancestors stretching back a million years or more had the physical capability of speech. This refutes the outdated idea that speech is new only to modern humans. It seems that speech is a power that humans inherited from their ancient proto-human ancestors.

Some scientists now believe that it was during this period when Homo Erectus began using fire that the concept of storytelling and mythology began. During the long nights, Homo Erectus would gather around the lightning sparked fires at night and began telling stories to fill the long hours. It would have been at this time that the Human species took a huge evolutionary leap. Cooking food helps make it much more digestible. The added nutrition from cooking would provide more protein for Erectus' brain allowing him unprecedented ability to use more of his brain. As Erectus is gaining more brain power from the increased bio-available food, he is also expanding his speech through rudimentary story telling at the fire.

Scientists also believe based on the Paleolithic Continuity Paradigm that the Indo-European language has its roots in Africa at least 60,000 years ago before modern humans migrated to the northern hemisphere. Is it possible that Homo Erectus communities in Africa began forming the religious ideas and speech that were inherited by modern humans and brought to the Northern Hemisphere in the form of the Proto-Indo-European language and religion?

Homo Erectus Skull Reconstruction

If all this is true, then Fire truly was the "spark of humanity." Without the use of fire, we would still be a bunch of apes. It was fire that perfected and purified our food. ("Purify" means to "cleanse through fire.") Food offerings to fire is not just symbolic. We do it every time we cook our food. The fire actually purifies the food from germs, parasites and allows it be more easily digested. Fire really is a magical, divine substance without which we would not be truly human.

How does Wind, Fire, Venus and Humanity relate?

It wasn't until I researched my own ethnic pre-Christian mythological lore that I saw the true meanings of the South East direction and was able to reverse engineer the energetic roots of the South East as it was independently discovered by these differing cultures.

According to Modern Teutonic Animism, the South East is the home of the Dwarves. Dwarves represent subconscious thought forms that create our environments through the projection of subconscious patterns that, if given enough mental energy, become actual thought form entities capable of creating matter from thoughts. According to Norse mythology, the Dwarves are molded from leftover energy that created the Cosmos. This energy was molded into "human form" by the gods. According to this same mythology, the Dwarves dwell under the earth (beneath conscious awareness) where they forge magical tools for the gods. The dwarves are very powerful and provide all of the magical items possessed by the gods. If we liken the gods to the human superconscious and the dwarves to subconscious, the symbolism is pretty clear; our subconscious creates our environment with Life Force Energy directed by our Superconscious mind. It is not commonly known, but pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon Wizards had a word for Magick. They called it "Dwarf-Speak." We do not know exactly what they meant by that phrase, but as I see it, it can mean two things. 1) Magick is accomplished by speaking charms directly to Dwarves who carry out the spell. Or, 2) Magick is accomplished by speaking charms in Dwarf language. I lean toward the former. Regardless, either way, according to Anglo-Saxon Wizards, Magick is accomplished through Dwarf power.

According to Norse myth, the Dwarves retain the "mold" of humanity (personality). The myths are clear that if the Dwarves are not monitored, they can cause all kinds of problems and they can also be very dangerous. The Dragon Fafnir was originally called a dwarf who transformed himself into a dragon out of greed. But the dwarf Fafnir was also the brother of the human Sigurd. He is the hero who represents a true divine human being who vanquishes the dragon of lower instincts and desires and retrieves the Aegishjalmur (eight sided mandala called the "Helmet of Awe.") Fafnir shows us that dwarves are our human personality. To be human, one must first be a dwarf. The dwarf nature is then united to divinity through the sacred fire of ING/Agni. Only then does the individual become "Mannaz" or a god/human. It is only through mastering our subconscious patterns and bringing them under control of our superconscious mind through the use of sacred Kundalini fire that Wizards can make use of the full power of the eight sided sun-wheel mandala or "Helm of Awe."

According to our Vedic cousins, the South East is the home of the planet Venus, the fire god Agni and the fertility goddess Lakshmi. Venus is the latin word that is directly related to the Norse word "Vanir" who are the Teutonic Earthly gods responsible for fertility, the harvest and Earth Magick. The English word "Wind" is also directly related to English word "Wanes" who are the Anglo-Saxon equivalent of Vanir. This indicates that deities related to planet Venus are what the Germanic tribes called the "Vanir" or the "Wanes." The goddess Freyja is a member of the Vanir and is an Earth Goddess of the Teutonic peoples. When I researched the origins of the Germanic word Freyja, I found that it was derived from the same root as the Vedic god "Prajaapati." Which means "Father of Progeny." Here we have the same meanings. Freyja is the goddess of fertility and Prajaapati is the father of progeny. So, it seems that the Germanic version may be an even older version of the Indo-European word for fertility which was simply "Prajaa." In Germanic languages, the word Prajaa would be pronounced "Freyjaa." So, Freyja may simply mean "Fertility."

A modern mythological rendition of the relationship of the goddess Freyja and the Dwarves would be the medieval German fairy tale "Snow White." Snow White is clearly a representation of an Earth Goddess and shares symbolism with both Freyja and Kundalini. Kundalini rises from slumber in the root chakra. Snow White rises from an enchanted slumber after receiving a kiss from a prince who here is an equivalent of Shiva (consciousness) who awakens Kundalini from her slumber in the root chakra. Snow White has Seven dwarves (Chakras) who protect and provide for her as long as she tends to their household (human personality). This represents that the subconscious will provide for humans as long as their kundalini is focused on bringing their subconscious desires to conscious awareness. Each of these dwarves represents seven human characteristics mirroring the seven chakras that Kundalini must awaken.

The writers of these medieval fairy tales obviously had no idea that they were explaining Vedic myth. Both of these Indo-European cultures are merely re-discovering their shared ancient ancestral spiritual teachings locked within our mythological DNA. These esoteric understandings are part of our DNA and will find a way to reveal themselves to our subconscious. When someone channels a true myth or fairy tale, they experience it as an artistic inspiration. If it is a true mythological teaching, then it is channeled from the ancestral teachers through our ancestral memory. Which of course is buried somewhere in our subconscious mind waiting for an opportunity to be released. This is the root of all true myths and fairy tales. They are the lessons stored in our ancestral DNA that will resurface to teach us how to best integrate with our environments. Even if we forget or discard our ancestral myths (as was the case with the Northern Europeans), these teachings will find a way to resurface (as was the case with the "Snow White" fairy tale resurfacing into popular media through Disney cartoons.) Many of our movies are such teachings. After practicing this and other types of ancestral spiritual practices, you can see the ancestors teaching us through movies, cartoons comics, etc...

So, here we can see the relationship between all three prehistoric ethnic understandings for the South East direction. The Taoists focused on the South East's resonance with "Wind", yet also connected it to the root of Humanity. The Vedics and the Germanic tribes connected Venus (Vanir, the wind masters) with the sacred internal Fire (Agni, ING) and The pre-Christian Germanic tribes understanding of the subterranean Dwarves smelting magical tools for the gods through sacred fire.

It would take entire books to explore all these concepts: Dwarves, Kundalini, Sacred Fire, etc... I haven't even touched on the Valkyries who are also heavily associated with the South East Direction and the goddess Freyja. (That will have to wait for a more advanced lesson.) So, I leave it to you, the apprentice, to research all of these subjects and how they connect with each other.

For this week's lesson, we will focus on the internal sacred fire. We will perform a ritual to Agni/Ing with a meditation to empower the internal fire of Kundalini to rise and stimulate the 3rd eye.

Best Day and Time to perform this ritual is:
Friday between the hours of 6:00 - 7:30 a.m. or p.m. ( move it up one hour during daylight savings time.)

You may focus only the Fire Element for this ritual or you may seek the help of a deity of your choice. Again, the deity must be associated with the South East direction. If you are unsure of your deity choice, then please choose from the suggested list below:
Planet Venus
Goddess Venus

Fire Meditation Ritual:

Before we get into the details, let me tell you some items you will need.
Mead or honey water

Before you begin, set up your altar in the South East area of your sacred space.

Optional altar items:
ING rune symbol
Five Element offerings (Fire is the focus, but you can still offer all Five Elements.)
108 count mala ( for optional mantras given below)

  1. Open the ritual area by performing your opening gesture to the 8 directions.
  2. Practice the Thunor's Hammer Qigong routine for at least 5-10 minutes.
  3. Sit in your SE facing area, close your eyes and breathe with long, deep breaths and settle your energy for 1-3 minutes.
  4. Light your candle. As you light the candle, speak "I reverently summon the power of spiritual fire." ( or chant the vedic mantra "Ong Agnayei Nama" or chant the Runic Seed Sound ING ("Eeeng") one time.
  5. Light the incense.
  6. Sit in your meditative posture (back straight, neck straight). Look directly at the candle flame and allow it to stimulate the 3rd eye, chant a maximum of 108 repetitions of your chosen mantra. (if you feel too energetically stimulated before you reach 108 reps, STOP. Better to do too little than too much.) Here are a few mantra suggestions. Please pick only ONE:

    Ong Agnaye Nama (Agnaye is pronounced "Ah-gnah-yay")

    Ing ("Eeeenngg")

    Ong Ing Thunoraya Nama (this empowers the sacred fire aspect in Life Force

    Ong Ing Indraya Nama

    Ong Ing Nama Shivaya (combines the fire of Kundalini with Shiva consciousness)

    Chant the name "Freyja"

    Ong Maha Lakshmiyei Nama (Earth goddess, prosperity)

    Ong Shoong Shukraya Nama (Venus planetary mantra)
  7. After finishing your mantra chanting, close your eyes and focus your attention on the 3rd eye. You may see an outline of your candle flame. Allow the flame to descend to the base of your spine. Now with long, deep breaths, allow that flame to rise up the spine moving through each of the chakras until it reaches your third eye. When the meditation has ended, (you will know when it is time to stop) allow the flame to descend into the navel area. Breathe long and deep for at least 3 minutes and store this fire energy in your navel.
  8. Then, finish with the close down routine. (Close-down is mandatory!)
  9. After your close down, speak any last requests, thank your deities and guides. Extinguish the candle and incense, drink the mead offering. Perform your closing gesture to the 8 directions. Reverently leave your sacred area and go do something relaxing and fun or just go to bed and pay attention to your dreams.

That's it for Week Three.

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