Lesson Six
Earth Wisdom

Having stared into the abyss in the lesson for the South West, now we take a leisurely respite and relax in the bliss of the meditative Western direction.

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The West is associated with the lofty Air Element. In some disciplines, the West is associated with Water. In actuality the West is where Water has its genesis. The West is actually Air that is just beginning to create the conditions for Water to form. In any case, this is a realm of relaxation.

In the East, we encountered the Ether Element which is the expansive force of Life Force Energy. In the human body, the Ether Element is the inhalation where we ingest Life Force energy through expanding our lungs. In the West, we exhale the Air from our lungs and release toxins. Whenever you give out a big sigh, you are experiencing the relaxation and cleansing of the Air Element.

In the Taoist tradition, the West is the realm of Metal. Metal has the ability to slice through to the core. So, the other aspect of the West is the ability to see to the core of things. As it so happens, the word Sword comes from an older word for Air. So, Metal and Air are closely linked. They are the flip side of the same Element. The warrior aspect of the West is to use the Sword of the Spirit to slice through confusion. The healing aspect of the West is to relax in the fresh, light Air and the warmth of the setting Sun.

The Wanes
The West has a close connection to the South East. In the South East, we focused on the power of Wanes (Vanir) as expressed through the Power of Freyr as ING, the internal fire of Kundalini. In the West, we get a more general connection to all of the Earthly deities.

Some of the deities here in the West include:


The word Venus comes from the same Indo-European word as Wanes or Vanir. In fact the V letter in Latin is often pronounced as a 'W'. So Venus in Latin is actually pronounced "Waynoos." We can see that Venus, Vanir and Wanes are in fact the same word in different dialects. So, the terms Wanes and Vanir can also be translated as "Venutians." So, here we have once again the War between the Wanes and the Aesir, the war between the Devas and Asura and the modern war between Venutians and Martians. The point here is that this is no arbitrary coincidence. This is spiritual science repeating itself in different cultures and through time.

There is an interesting trend that I have noticed among differing Neo-Heathens: Those who tend to be drawn toward more conservative "Re-Constructionism" tend to focus their worship on the warrior aspect of the Aesir. Those heathens that are more likely to include practices such as Wicca and Magick tend to relate more with the Vanir. Here is what is interesting to me: The Aesir are located in the North East which is the realm of the pure undiluted brightness of the celestial stars. It is also the realm of high idealism. The West is the realm of the "Elder" gods who are more patient, more Earthy, more inclusive. If one stands in the Sacred eight-sided Sun-Circle and faces North, you will notice that the right side of the body and the right side of the circle radiates a lot of fire energy associated with warfare and idealism. The Left side of the Sacred circle is more aligned with water and regeneration.

When I speak of electro-magnetic energy manifesting in a clockwise fashion, I am not being arbitrary. This is a spiritual science. It is no coincidence that the right side of the sacred circle and the right side of the human body is associated with the male, fiery energies of war. Nor, is it a coincidence that the left side of the body is associated with the feminine, watery aspects of introspection, meditation and healing.

Magnetic energy, as it is manifested through the sacred circle is the outward manifestation of how Spirit energy is manifested in the human being. The left brain has a direct connection to the right side of the body, the analytical two-dimensional intellectual brain. The right brain has a direct connection to the non-linear, encompassing, artistic, non-dual, non-literal mind.

These are physical facts. So, it is no mere coincidence to me that those individuals who seem to operate from their left brain are more attracted to the Aesir and those who are attracted to the Vanir tend to be more artistic and liberal minded right-brain thinkers.

It is this way with the gods as well. On the right side of the Sun Circle, we experience the young, pure idealism of the warrior Aesirs, on the left side, we experience the relaxed, liberal minded elder gods of Earth and Magick.

The downside of the Right side is obvious. The danger is that one can become too dogmatic and literal in their interpretations of spiritual teachings. The downside of the Left side is that one can become too indulgent in their physical instincts or too tolerant of negativity.

Sometimes it is appropriate to wage war against tyranny and ignorance. Other times it is best to employ tolerance and find common ground with our enemies.

Now that we have been around the larger portion of the Sun Wheel, we have matured over time. This is the meaning of the phrase "Elder Gods." The Vanir are not necessarily older in the literal sense, but they represent how Spirit Energy has mellowed and matured through experience.

For the exercise of the Western direction we will participate in a meditation ritual. I am going to share for the first time publicly a very powerful and sacred meditation with hand seals. Normally, a student would have to study with me for a while and show that they are committed to the learning process before I showed them this posture.

However, I feel it is time to share this sacred spiritual technology. In order to best show you the posture, I will do so through video.

Below is the video demonstrating the Hand Seal (Mudra) and posture for the meditation exercise for working the the Earth Powers of the Western Direction.

Lesson Six Ritual

The best time to start this meditation is on a Friday or Saturday.

1) Set up your altar to the West with the Five Elements as shown earlier.

2) Open your sacred circle.

3) Light the candle and practice your Thunor's Hammer Qigong routine for 3-10 minutes.

4) Assume the Meditative Mudra and Posture (see above video), breathe long and deep in this posture for 10-30 minutes.

5) Release the posture, open your eyes and relax, allowing yourself to come back into your body. (this posture can be a little spacy. So, give yourself a moment to wake up.)

6) Write down any thoughts or impressions you received.

7) State any requests to your chosen deity or state your intention to absorb this wisdom into your being asking for increased wisdom and health for yourself.

8) Perform the close-down-routine

9) Release the elements, partake of the sacrifices and extinguish any candle flame or incense.

10) Close the sacred circle and leave.

Engage in something quiet and relaxing. Honor the peace and quiet of the Western direction. Unlike some of the other rituals for different directions, it is OK, to stay contemplative after experiencing the Powers of the Western direction.

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See you in Lesson Seven...