Lesson Seven
Aligning oneself with the Ascended Masters

For this lesson, I will share a portion of my book, "The Thunder Wizard Path" where I teach a ritual for aligning oneself with the Ascended Masters in the North West direction. In the Pre-Christian animist tradition of North West Europe, the ascended masters associated with the wisdom of the ancestors were known as Elves. Please do not confuse the traditional elves with those of modern fairy tales, fantasy books and movies. Nor are they little people who help Santa deliver presents. These are modern creations that represent how far modern Westerners have ventured away from their ancestral teachings.

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The Elves were seen as very powerful and mysterious beings associated with ancestors and ancestral teachings. I do not have space on this page to explain who the elves are in detail. For this exercise, all you need to know is that the Elves are the ascended masters who guide humans into spiritual knowledge and evolution. For more info on the traditional understanding of these powerful, divine beings, click ELVES.

In my first book, I outline a very effective and powerful ritual for connecting to the ascended masters and aligning the subconscious with higher forces. Many people have contacted me and shared very powerful experiences with this ritual. So, as they say, "If it works, don't fix it."

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Here is the entire ritual as found in the book "The Thunder Wizard Path":

Summoning the Light Elves to Command the Dwarves

Part 1: Summoning the Elves

This ritual is best done at night before going to bed. This is when the Elves are most active and your subconscious mind is most receptive. Begin by standing or sitting facing toward Elf Home in the North West. Next, you want to set up your alter for the offerings to the Elves. If you have experience with alters and offerings, you are free to experiment as you see fit. Here is what I do: I lay out five offerings to signify the Five Elements. Incense at the top (aethem), candle in the middle (Fire), small bowl of water on the left (water) and small bowl with handful of nuts and
raisins on the right (earth) and musical instrument on the bottom (Air) (flute or drum).
After laying out the offerings to the Ancestors, I begin by setting the mood. The Elves are very subtle beings and the best way to access them is to act with quiet reverence. Whatever chanting or music is used in your ritual should be subtle and austere. (No loud chanting or music.) You can enhance your openness to them by playing ethereal flute music, humming or singing quietly or quietly drumming. (any instrument will work as long as it is played meditatively.) Meditative flute music is also very good at opening our crowns. You can play the music yourself or play a CD softly in the background.
When you have set the mood to your liking, focus your intention to the area just above your head. Lightly touch the fingertips of the right hand to the crown of the head (Top of your skull) for three seconds or more and invite the Light Elves or Enlightened Ancestors to come and speak to your Higher Self. There is no set rule here, you may simply send that intention or say something from your heart. Whatever you say or chant do so with a low voice. You can say something like, “I open myself to the Divine Wisdom of the Light
Elves who are the channels of Timeless Wisdom handed down to us from our ancestors. I invite the spiritual guides of my people here in this sacred space. Speak to me your words of Wisdom.”
When you have sent your intention or spoken your invocation. If you play an instrument like a flute, drum, chimes, or bell, you may do so now for a few minutes to invite the Elves into your space. Then sit or stand and focus above your head. Breathe deeply from the diaphragm. If you begin to receive mental impression or thoughts, simply flow with them. You may also feel or experience nothing. This is OK. The work is being done regardless of what you feel. If you get a powerful insight, you may want to write it down for later.
If you wish, you may end the ritual here to spend time to contemplate the advice or insight you have received. If you are clear on what the advice means and how it can be manifested, then you can continue with the second half of the ritual designed to “reset” the commands that the Dwarves are acting on in your life.

Part 2: Instructing the Dwarves
After receiving the empowerment of the Elves, turn facing SE toward the realm of Dwarf Home. Place your hands over your navel center and speak out loud your instructions to the Dwarves. An example would be: If you received insight from the Elves that you have been sabotaging your career with self-doubt, you might say something like, “From this moment forward, I instruct the Dwarves to bring to me favorable circumstances and opportunities for advancement. I banish all negativity and doubt from me and invite confidence and prosperity. Money and opportunity now flows directly to me. It is hereby commanded. It shall be done!”
This is just an example, you can create your own spell or simply speak from your “gut.” It is best to keep the command simple and direct. You may be as specific as you like. You may also ask the Elves to speak the command through you at which point you simply speak as you feel inspired. The main point here is that you are consciously transferring the empowered advice of the Elves directly to the Dwarves. You need not try to empower the command, simply allow the divine authority of the Elves to flow through you.

You need not feel anything as you perform the ritual.
You may feel power flow through you. It does not matter either way. Have faith in your Elves. They are doing all the work. You are simply acting as a channel. By performing this ritual you are simply giving the Ancestors permission to help you. The ritual itself acts as an energetic contract or a contractual act of consent between you and the Light Elves that you wish to fulfill your highest destiny and that you trust the gods and the Elves to guide you in whatever way is best for both you and others around you. Don’t worry if you get tongue-tied, trust your Elves, they will amend or correct any commands for you energetically. If you have split the ritual up into two parts, you may write your command spell before hand so you can read your spell directly from your notes. When you have finished the chant, stay seated or standing with your hands on your navel for a few minutes. Breathe deeply to empower the commands you have given. When you feel the time is finished, thank the Dwarves for their hard work and say, “ I release you to manifest the commands of the Elves.” Then turn back toward the NW and thank the Elves for their guidance. At this point, blow out any candles you have burning and extinguish any incense so as not to cause a fire. But, you are not going to close the space yet. You are going to leave the space and carry on with your daily life, but you are going to allow the ritual to continue for another 8-12 hours. As you leave the space, back away reverently facing NW and say something like. “I physically leave this holy Ve, knowing that part of my energy will stay and participate in creating my highest destiny. I will return later.” If you have done this ritual at night, then go to bed and sleep. You may wish to take note of any dreams you have during the night. The ritual will continue while you sleep. When you wake up, go back into your sacred space. Thank the gods, Elves and Dwarves for their help and guidance. Drink the water in the bowl that has been charged with Elven power, This is your offering to the Elves and it will cleanse you and open you to their divine guidance. Eat the nuts and raisins. This is the offering to the Dwarves which has been empowered to fuel the Dwarves in their task. Then, remove the incense, candle and musical instrument you have laid on your alter and then close your sacred space by once again thanking the Elves and the Dwarves. You can say something like," I thank the Ancestors for their wise guidance, I thank my Dwarves for their hard work. May you Dwarves be divinely empowered in your holy task. I now close this ritual, may nothing impede its holy work. So it is commanded, so it shall be done!”

Then, close the Ve with your hallowing gesture to each of the eight directions in a clockwise manner. Now, go about your day and do not focus on your ritual. Get immersed in some activity or task. If you do think of the ritual, say out loud to yourself, Thank you Elves for your guidance and Dwarves for your hard work, I summon my highest destiny into manifestation.”

It has been my experience that rituals done in this manner will create a powerful surge of energy throughout the next couple of days. You may feel some intense emotions and energy increase over a couple of days. Continue with your meditations and energy work each day to ground the energies you have summoned. If you choose to continue working with this ritual consistently on a persistent problem, be sure to allow a few days or a week between rituals. Part of the power in this type of ritual is allowing it to work unseen by you. By leaving the ritual alone and going about your normal life, you are acting in faith that unseen forces are acting on your behalf.

Throughout the period between rituals, if you think about your issue, simply repeat the phrase, “Thank you Elves for your guidance and Dwarves for your hard work, I summon my highest destiny into manifestation.”
This will reinforce the new commands you have given.

(Below are video demonstrations on the Elf Ritual.)

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