First Week

by Antonio
(Rochester, NY)

Northeast Altar

Northeast Altar

I chose to work with Heimdall and the mantra Ansuz, doing my 7 days from last Sunday to this morning, Saturday. For a chanting focus, I used four different Ansuz runes from rune sets that I have (see altar picture).

Not much happened during the ritual on the first day, but later in the day, while sitting in a movie theater with my kids waiting for the movie to start, I had a spontaneous experience of feeling the god Thunor enter my heart -- an emotional experience, which caused me to choke back some tears. I don't know why it was Thunor, but it was. The second day, I had a fairly good internal vision of Heimdall, and that continued the rest of the week. This vision usually returned to me at night, as I was falling asleep. During the meditation portion of the second day and the rest of the week, I focused on some of the other images, seeing a mountain in pre-dawn light, with the stars receding above it. During the portion of the ritual where power streamed into me, I saw it coming from the top of this mountain, descending into me as a golden light; that was my pattern from the second day onward. On the evening after the third day, I decided to take up the runes and just ask how I was doing. I received:

Kenaz (R), Berkano, Perthro, which I interpreted as: "From a place of darkness and ignorance, you will begin to develop hidden talents and occult abilities; you will prosper in your destiny and nurture a new source of fellowship."

When releasing the elements, I ate only a small bit of the food offering, and had only a sip of mead. After I had closed down completely, I offered the remainder to the Earth outside, near two old trees in my backyard. I felt an inner prompting to do this the first day, and I continued it for the rest of the week.

I felt that I completed the vow successfully and was accepted by the powers of the Northeast for my efforts.

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