The Celtic Cross
Balancing the Elements

The Celtic Cross symbolizes the balance of the Elemental forces on the physical plane.

This 4-spoked Sun Cross symbol has been used for thousands of years all over the world to represent harmony.

The Celtic Cross symbol was appropriated from various pre-Christian pagan Sun Wheels by the early Christian church in Europe. It was commonplace for Catholicism to incorporate existing pagan symbols into Christian worship.

Examples of the 4-spoked cross in various cultures include:

  • Odin's Eye (Scandinavia)
  • The Medicine Wheel (North America)
  • Crusader's Cross (Medieval Europe)
  • Swastika (All Continents)
  • "Wu" Pictograph (Ancient China)

"Odin's Eye" was employed throughout pre-Christian Northern Europe as a pagan symbol of power.

The Medicine Wheel is still used by some Native American tribes as a symbol of elemental balance. The Sacred Hoop can also represent the unity of all the four races of mankind; Black, White, Red and Yellow.

The Crusader's Cross was worn by European soldiers during the crusades in the middle east during medieval times.

The Swastika is a very ancient symbol that is found all over the world. I believe this symbol was used by paleolithic peoples in Africa who brought it to all continents during the migration of modern humans out of Africa.

It is called "Fylfot" by pre-Christian Germanic tribes, "Swastika" by Hindus and the "Thunder Cross" by some Native Americans.

Perhaps the least known form of the Celtic Cross is the "Wu" pictograph character. This symbol represented the ancient Chinese "shaman" with hands outstretched, summoning spiritual power.

The four fold "Celtic Cross" symbol was used as a magickal talisman by so many cultures because it illustrates the power of the Five Elements and the four cardinal directions. The person who could command and control these forces was indeed invincible and victorious.

The Five Elements are:

  • Ether
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Water
  • Earth

The Elements are more than the physical expressions they embody (i.e., Fire, Water etc.) They also represent the five ways that Life Force Energy functions in the material world.

These five functions are:

  • Expanding (Ether)
  • Contracting (Air)
  • Rising (Fire)
  • Descending (Water)
  • Centering (Earth)

East represents the expanding nature of energy as it manifests through the inhalation. (Lungs expand) The body is filled with Life Force energy of breath as oxygen and energy nourish the cells.

South represents the Fire of Life Force as it rises through the body creating the heat that all life forms possess.

West signifies the exhalation of the lungs (contraction.) This releases toxins and strengthens the aura and creates a state of relaxation.

North represents the condensation that results from the heat of the exhaled breath.

Center embodies the final stage in the manifestation of Life Force as it is drawn into the Earth through the power of Gravity. Then, the process is repeated as Spirit is once again manifested onto the Earth plane.

You may have noticed that I have placed the Elements differently than in some modern systems. This is because I have relied on esoteric teachings that retain an unbroken connection into pre-history.

The pre-Christian Vedic, Hindu, Taoist and Norse mystery traditions all agree on the placement of the Elements. This indicates that there exists a Universal energy science principle at work. My personal experience confirms this placement for me.

I believe that there was an ancient shamanic science of animism from which all the pre-historic traditions draw from. So, in honor of those ancient masters, I exclude any modern interpretations that stray from the pre-historic models.

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