The Science of Sacred Sound

Mantra is a Sanskrit word that means "Mind Vehicle."

The word is made up of two Sanskrit roots 1) Man (Mind) and Tra (Vehicle). The theory is that the sacred chant is a vehicle for the Mind to be transported out of Earthly bondage which allows the Soul to reconnect with Divine Source.

Any sound, word or string of words can be technically defined as in this way, but a true mantra cannot be randomly invented by humans. It must be channeled. It is a vibrational sound pattern that is continuously being broadcast in the fibers of the Universe.

According to the Science of Sacred Sound, our Cosmos is continuously being created through the power of sonic vibration. Just about every spiritual belief system claims that the Universe is created through sound. The Judeo-Christian Bible states that God "spoke" the Universe into existence.

According to the ancient, polytheist religion of my ancestors (the Vikings), the Cosmos was "yelled" into existence by titanic primal entities known as Giants. The East Indian Vedics and Chinese Taoists have similar myths of the phenomenal Universe consisting of sound vibrations.

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So, for Wizards of all backgrounds throughout time, mastering Sacred, Magickal sound and mantras has been a cornerstone of all Mystical training.

The Europeans called Magickal speaking "spells" or "charms." Even writing in its early days was thought to be symbolic representation of Magickal sound. It was Wizards who first used symbols to imprint a Magickal spell onto a physical object. The act of writing was to "spell" something out.

While in modern times, mantras are commonly known for their ability to help someone achieve spiritual enlightenment, there are actually many different types of magickal chants reserved for different purposes.

Different types of mantras include:

  • Shanti (peaceful/healing)
  • Istambhan (paralyzing)
  • Mohan (attracting)
  • Uchchatan (disturbing)
  • Vashikaran (enslaving)
  • Akarshan (attracting from a distance)
  • Jrambhan (influencing others' behavior)
  • Vidweshan (creating discord)
  • Maran (to kill)
  • Pushti (obtaining wealth)

Most of these that are widely taught to the public fall within the Shanti and Pusthi categories for obvious reasons. The other categories carry hefty karmic prices for their use due to their ability to cause harm. Usually only someone who has been initiated by a tantric guru will be taught these other types of mantras.

Even if someone were to be able to find such charms in writing, they usually contain secret procedures designed to keep the spell's Magickal capabilities out of the hands of the uninitiated. Without detailed knowledge of these lengthy and complicated procedures, it is unlikely that anyone would be able to unlock the occult powers within these chants. These safeguards are understandably necessary to protect innocents from unscrupulous people seeking to do harm or gain control.

A few popular, all-purpose mantras include:

  • AUM
  • Ong Nama Shivaya
  • Ong Tat Sat
  • Ong Shree Rama, Jaya Rama, Jaya, Jaya Rama
  • Hare Krishna
  • SoHung
  • Om Shring Maha Lakshmiyei Nama
  • Ong Doong Durgayei Nama

(You may have noticed that I have written "Ong" instead of the more recognized spelling of "Om." This is because there is no modern English equivalent for the Sanskrit letter on the end of most seed sounds like Ong. The 'M' on the end of this syllable is actually pronounced 'ng.' Similar to the ING rune of Teutonic Magick, this consonant is designed to magnify the seed sound 'AU' through the power of Kundalini fire. By making the 'ng' consonant at the end of the 'AU' sound, the sound vibration of the upper palate stimulates the pineal and the pituitary glands which are responsible for releasing hormones necessary for spiritual consciousness.)

Mantra and the Subconscious
Sacred Sound Science is part of a deeper system of mystical training that involves restructuring the subconscious mind to more effectively project and manifest a specific intent. All magick is founded upon the idea that the human subconscious mind is responsible for creating our entire physical environment. This includes, conditions, people and circumstances. In other words, the subconscious creates everything.

Charms are an indispensable tool in the Wizard's arsenal to gain mastery over his/her inner and outer universe. As you recall, Mantra means "Mind Vehicle." As such, the chanting of sacred sounds allows a specific restructuring of the subconscious to vibrate at a specific frequency associated with a specific effect. Each chant is a mathematical equation that, when properly activated, uses sound to create a precise sound wave that manifests on the karmic, mental and physical planes. Our subconscious mind operates from karmic patterns that continuously radiate into our external environment. Ever know anyone who always seemed to attract bad luck? Well, the theory is that such people have self-sabotaging subconscious patterns that continuously radiate vibrations that manifest in the physical world as "unlucky." Sometimes those around such individuals can easily see the self-sabotaging patterns underneath the surface, but the individual in question just doesn't seem to understand what causes the poor conditions in their lives. Charms are a very powerful tool that people can use to restructure their subconscious patterns.

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In order to restructure the subconscious, one needs a power source. This power is Kundalini. Kundalini is the psychic power of the individual that is usually resting dormant at the base of the spinal column. Once Kundalini is stimulated and begins her rise up the spine, the individual begins to tap into a psychic and magickal power that can be used for self-transformation.

Kundalini can be extremely powerful and even dangerous if not handled correctly. The chanting of spells is a safe and effective method of stimulating Kundalini to rise up the spine and spiritually empower the individual in a controlled manner. However, there is a caveat. Since Kundalini and the subconscious are influenced by karmic patterns, it is important that the individual choose charms that are best suited to their destiny.

Some mantras can work very well for one person but be disastrous for another. I wish I had known this fact earlier in life. I could have saved myself a lot of trouble. For example, one summer some years back, I had decided to spend an entire month camping in the mountains. During this period, I had decided to chant to Kali. Had I done some investigating with a qualified guru, I would have discovered that the particular Kali chant I had chosen was not well suited to my astrological chart. As a result, for two weeks, everywhere I went, I was surrounded by wildfires. I would set up camp and begin chanting to Kali and then a day or two later, a wildfire would erupt. I even drove hundreds of miles to a different mountain range to get out of the fire zone, but after a couple of days of chanting, another fire broke out. I moved to a new location, and ANOTHER fire broke out right above me! After two weeks of this, I finally was forced to come home. I continued to chant to Kali at home for weeks, but I kept smelling smoke. I was lucky. Some chants can actually cause illness or death in extreme cases under inappropriate circumstances. So, no one should attempt chanting any charm without qualified guidance. There are some exceptions such as the chants listed above which are suitable for anyone.

Mastery of the Five Elements

For students of Wizardry, I would like to share with you a priceless gem which is the Five Syllable chant of Shiva: Nama Shivaya

Shiva is the god of pure consciousness. Similar to the Norse god Odin, Shiva is the master of Time, Space and Magick.

The five syllable Shiva chant is said to give mastery over the Five Elements. Each syllable stimulates one of the first five chakras in the body:

NA Earth (root)

MA Water (sacral)

SHI Fire (navel)

VA Air (heart)

YA Ether (throat)

After opening the first five chakras, the Kundalini then travels to the 3rd Eye where one receives Shiva consciousness. At the crown, one can merge with Shiva, pure consciousness.

By adding the Syllable 'Ong' to the front of the charm, we get the six syllable chant for destruction of negative Karma

Ong Nama Shivaya

Both of these Shiva charms are safe and suitable for all people. Experiment with the Five and six syllable versions to see which one you like better.

Another version of the six syllable chant is:

Ong Shivaya Nama

By chanting this version, the person becomes one with Shiva.

In Ong Nama Shivaya one bows to the source of pure consciousness. In Ong Shivaya Nama, Shiva bows to the consciousness within you.

To get the best of both versions, you can try this version:

Ong Nama Shivaya Shivaya Nama Ong

I personally practice this chant regularly and in my experience, there is no charm more effective at granting spiritual power and peace of mind. Any student of Wizardry should be familiar with these charms. Normally, one would have to be initiated into a very secret Magickal sect to receive such a powerful spell. But these Shiva chants do not require any special initiation or specific procedure.

Here is one method I use:

Inhale to the count of five silently chanting "Na Ma Shi Va Ya." Then softly whisper the full chant "Ong Na Ma Shi Va Ya" spending at least 1-2 seconds for each syllable. Then repeat the process. After a few minutes, you will feel the power of Shiva flowing through your whole being.

The two oldest and most popular chants in the world are:

1) Savitri Gayatri (The Power of the Sun)

"Ong Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dimahi Diyo Yonah Prachodayat"
This quote from the Vedas asks to be given enlightnement through the Divine light of the Sun, "Oh, great Spiritual Light which is the brilliance of all Divinity, we meditate upon You. Please illumine our minds."

2) The Maha Mrityunjaya (The "Death Defying" Chant)

"Ong Trymabakam Yajamahe Sugandhing Pushti Vardhanam Urvarukamiva Bhandanan Mrityor Moksheea Maamritat"

This vedic verse says asks the vedic version of Shiva known as Rudra for protection from old age and death,"Three-eyed one, I meditate on you, who increase fragrance and nourishment. From powerful disease, bondage and death free us into immortality."

In the above example, you can see what can happen if someone picks a chant without understanding how it will affect them personally. In my experience, the best way to choose the most effective charms is to seek out a qualified Vedic astrologer. By accurately analyzing one's chart, a qualified astrologer can deduce which planets and deities can help create optimal conditions in that person's life. Even the number of syllables in the chant is analyzed to determine which houses in the chart one wants to strengthen. For instance, early in in my mantra studies when I wanted more financial security I would chant to Lakshmi who is associated with the planet Venus. While I enjoyed chanting these charms, there was not a noticeable increase in finances in my life.

As I did more research into the connections between astrology and mantras and analyzing my chart, I came to find out that the fastest way for me, personally, to attract finances was through chants associated with the planet Mars. Generally speaking, Mars is the planet of War and Venus is the planet of abundance and wealth. As it turns out, Venus was sort of neutral in my chart. Venus would be beneficial to me internally, but because of planetary alignments at my birth, Venus was not strongly empowered to benefit me directly in terms of outer, financial wealth. I gained a lot spiritually from chanting to Mother Lakshmi, but it did not result in large changes in my physical finances. That is because according to my astrological chart, my highest purpose in this life, for me, is to operate from the perspective of the spiritual warrior/teacher.

So, by chanting to deities associated with Mars, I am empowered to follow my karmic destiny which is to be a spiritual warrior/teacher. As it happens, Jupiter is also strong in my chart. Jupiter is normally associated with priests and spiritual teachers. When Mars and Jupiter combine their powers, you get a powerful combination of spiritual warrior/teacher. This is one reason I am attracted to the deity Thunor who is strongly associated both with the planets Jupiter and Mars. by chanting to these planets, I am presented with opportunities for financial gain through acting on my dharma. For me, that often means opportunities to earn money through teaching occult sciences, qigong and internal martial arts.

If you look at the bulk of my teachings, you will see that I focus a lot on spiritual power and spiritual warfare. You'll notice I do not teach hands on healing. Because physical healing is not the main focus of my destiny. I teach my students how to protect themselves and others through magickal means and one of my main goals is to use the power of occult knowledge to actively fight against ignorance and injustice especially against Mother Earth. This is the path of the spiritual warrior.

So, each of us is different. By learning what your particular destiny is, you can create optimal conditions in your life by strengthening the planets which are best situated to help you achieve your highest destiny in this lifetime. This is the benefit of knowing how to use the power of charms in conjunction with Astrology.

For Thunder Wizard apprentices, I have constructed a charm based on Vedic mantra science to gain spiritual power from the Anglo-Saxon Thunder Deity, Thunor.

Thunor's Vedic style chant is:
Ong Thoong Thunoraya Nama

To gain power from Thunor with this chant, you can face either North East or East and chant this mantra 108 times. For best results, chant this mantra between 6:00 and 7:30 a.m or p.m. (move up one hour during daylight savings time) If you chant this right after practicing the "Thunor's Hammer" Qigong exercise in lesson two of the free online Apprentice Course, you will notice a huge increase in your Life Force Energy which can be used for meditation, martial arts or Magick.

Mantras in other cultures
While Sanskrit chants are the most well known. Magickal charms and spells can be found in all animist practices. Even Christianity uses magickal spells and charms in their worship services. "In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit" is a magickal phrase. Protestant Christians affix the phrase "In Jesus' name" as a way to make their prayers efficacious. This phrase is also employed by protestant Christians as a magickal means of casting out demons and healing the sick.

In northern Europe, during the middle ages, the establishment of orthodox Christianity began the demise of the use of pagan magickal spells in European culture. However, there are some vestiges of this traditional pagan, sacred sound science still surviving.

Among pre-Christian Germanic speaking people (Scandinavian, English, German, Dutch, etc.) there existed the practice of Runic spell casting. Runes are an alphabet consisting of sacred seed sounds that were later represented by written symbols. The Runic equivalent in Vedic/Hindu religion is the 'Aksharas' or syllables of the Sanskrit alphabet. Each syllable is a power sound. The construction of words and phrases with these magickal syllables acts like a mathematical formula that produces an effect on the phenomenal world.

According to spiritual teachings, all spoken words, sounds and speech once had the power to create and destroy. This is also the concept behind the Runic sounds and symbols. At one time in our ancient history, perhaps tens of thousands of years ago, all speech was considered an act of magick.

These Runic and Sanskrit alphabet symbols were eventually used solely for written communication. But originally, these symbols were used primarily for magickal purposes. As already stated, that is why we still use the word "spell" to indicate the construction of spoken words through symbols.

For the true student of Magick, Mantra is indispensable. The study of magickal speech can take many lifetimes to master. I wish you well on your journey.

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