The Hopi Myth
and the Medicine Wheel

The Origins of all Modern Humans and Hopi Myth

The Hopi myth of the medicine wheel surprisingly corresponds exactly with archeological and scientific fact.

According to recent archeological and DNA evidence, we know that the first modern humans emerged in South Eastern Africa about 100,000 years ago.

Humans evolved into their current state as a result of tremendous stress due to climactic changes. Because of drought, the human population almost became extinct. This climactic stress forced human brains to evolve more rapidly. People became more mobile and had to think on their feet. After almost becoming extinct around 60,000 years ago, the last remaining humans in Africa began migrating in different directions in order to find better living conditions. In the Hopi Myth, this would have been the time when the Great Spirit gathered all the people together. The factual historical setting for the first migration of modern humans is surprisingly similar to the Hopi myth. This lends credence to the idea that the Hopi myth may have its origins in historical fact.

Until the time of the first migration out of Africa, the Sahara desert acted as a barrier keeping people and animals inside Africa. Because of a brief change in climate 60,000 years ago, the Sahara desert in North Africa changed into grasslands which attracted big game animals. As this happened, humans began migrating North following herds of game. As they did so, some crossed into the Northern Hemisphere and began migrating East. These are the ancestors of the Oriental people. As these humans migrated into Asia, they interbred with another earlier species of humans living in Asia called the Denisovans. The Denisovans in Asia and the Neanderthals in Europe were descended from an earlier species of humans that migrated into the northern hemisphere hundreds of thousands of years earlier. It was the interbreeding with the Denisovans that give modern Asians their distinctive facial features.

Because of adaptation during hundreds of thousands of years in the extreme cold climate of Ice Age Europe, Neanderthals had developed very light skin in order to better absorb vitamin D from the Sun. Toward the end of the climactic window that opened the sahara desert, more East Africans migrated North and west into what is now Europe. These modern Africans interbred with the light skinned, light eyed, red-haired Neanderthals. It is from the interbreeding with Neanderthals that Europeans get their distinctive physical features.

After migrating through northern Asia, successive waves of humans continued migrating East through Siberia until they crossed the Land bridge connecting Asia with the Americas. After crossing into Alaska, the only direction for them to go was South. These people became the ancestors of the all the Native American peoples.

What about modern Africans? A portion of those first original humans in East Africa migrated West to populate the rest of the African continent. To this day, there is far more human genetic diversity within the African continent than any other place on Earth.

So, now we see how the Hopi myth is supported in modern scientific fact. The Native Americans are associated with the South because after arriving in Alaska, they then migrated South into northern, central and south America. The Africans stayed in Africa and migrated West. The Europeans were in the coldest part of the Ice Age world and since the Northern direction is most associated with cold, the white Europeans became the "northern" people.

See the pattern now? Europeans-North, Asians-East, Africans-West, Native Americans-South.

North: "White" People and Fire
The Hopi Myth states that the Fire clan was sent North to master the Element of Fire. The North is associated with cold weather, the Water Element and Ice. So, in order to survive in the North, humans needed to master the power of Fire to stay warm. Great Spirit sent those people destined to master the Fire Element North, not because it is the residence of Fire, but because that is the best place to learn how to use Fire. Those destined to become the Europeans after dwelling in Ice Age conditions for tens of thousands of years, lost pigment in their skin which turned them "white." To survive the cold, they worshipped Fire out of need. In fact, in pre-Christian European Magick, the Rune of Naught is also called "Need Fire." This Runic phrase clearly indicates that Fire was mastered out of need.

These early Europeans went on to master the technology of Fire that is used in all our machines. Through their mastery of Fire, Northerners discovered how to harness the Fire of electricity. It was from the need to find warmth in Ice Age conditions that spurred the Europeans to master Fire. However, the North is really the Elemental home of Water and Ice.

West: "Black" People and Water
The Hopi Myth states that the Water clan was sent West to master the Element of Water. Dark skin pigmentation was once the norm for all modern humans. So, the Africans did not "become" black. They merely retained the original pigmentation of all early humans. Africa is normally associated with the South and Heat. But since those who remained in East Africa could only migrate West, that is the direction given to them in the Hopi myth. Those who were sent West needed to master Water to survive the heat of Africa. The Water Element is also associated with drums and music. It is those humans who stayed in Africa that mastered the art of music. Modern Africans have had the most profound influence on modern music in the whole world. No other continent has mastered drums more than the African cultures. The oldest musical instrument used by all aboriginal peoples on all continents was the "harmonic flute." It is thought that this type of flute which is found on all continents and is used by all cultures including Scandinavian, Slavic, and South Asian cultures was first invented in South Africa 100,000 years ago and brought to all continents by the first migrating modern humans. We have been playing this kind of flute ever since.

In terms of modern music, all of our modern popular music has its roots in traditional African drum music that was brought to the Americas by African slaves. This traditional African music was then incorporated into American folk music and then made famous by Jazz, Blues and Rock and Roll. Through the advent of radio and records, this African based music was popularized all around the world. Just like Water, the music of Africa has penetrated through all the societal and racial cracks to bring healing and joy to all people. This is the power of Water.

The East: "Yellow" People and Air
The Hopi Myth states that the Air clan was sent east to master the Element of Air.The East is related to the Air/Ether Element (Life Force through breath). It was those humans who traveled to Asia that have reached the pinnacle of mastery in the arts of Life Force Energy through movement and breath. The oldest spiritual discipline in China is the collection of shamanic Life Force practices that eventually became known as "Taoism." To this day, the Chinese Taoists are unparalleled in Life Force Energy Magick found in Qigong, Tai Chi and internal martial arts. Ether and Air Elements are closely related. The Color for the Ether Element is Yellow. So, the Asians did not become the "Yellow" people because of their skin pigment, but because of their association with the Life Force Element of Ether and its color of Yellow.

The South: "Red" People and Earth
The Hopi Myth states that the Earth clan was sent South to master the Element of Earth. The Native Americans were those human migrants who, after traveling east over the Bering straight land bridge arrived in the Americas and then turned South to populate North, Central and South America. As those who were sent to learn about the ways of Earth, the Native Americans were isolated from much of the changes going on in human society until the arrival of Europeans in the 15th century. As a result, many Native American cultures were able to hold on to the traditional ways of living for much longer than other cultures in Europe and Asia. Even up to the present time, every culture on the planet looks to the Native American cultures as representing Earth wisdom. It is true that many non-natives have appropriated first nations' symbols and spirituality without permission. And while it is understandable that many Native people would be upset by this, it is also an unavoidable consequence of their role in human wisdom keeping. For better or worse, it is unavoidable that the rest of human society would look to Native Americans for inspiration in regards to Earth wisdom. Hopefully much of the damage done to Native Peoples can be healed so that First Nations would be more willing to share their Earth knowledge with the rest of humanity. This will probably necessitate pro-active action on the parts of Natives and non-Natives alike.

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