Sun Wheel Magick
Initiation into the Secret
of Ancient Masters.

This Free online course in Sun Wheel Magick initiates you into the teachings of wizards from different cultures from all over the world.

Did you know that most of the complicated magical rituals in many cultures were created to hide the REAL wisdom of the ancient Solar Wheel?

This knowledge has been the long-held secret of magicians, shamans and wizards of all cultures. But this simple, yet powerful magical tool has been almost completely forgotten by modern man.

Eight-sided circular mandalas were the original template for many famous spiritual wisdom schools. But you don't need to be guru or high priest to awaken this power. Anyone can understand the basics of this "chakra" in just a few minutes.

This website will show you many secrets behind the wisdom of:

  • Taoist Sages
  • Hindu Yogis
  • Druid Priests
  • Siberian Shamans
  • Viking Wizards
  • Native American Wisdom Keepers
  • European Magicians.

After twenty years of painstaking research and personal practice, I have discovered the core Universal secret to many pre-Christian shamanic and mystical practices in the northern hemisphere. That secret is contained within the eight-spoked Universal Sun Wheel.

I believe that the secret of the Sun Wheel comes from a pre-historic shamanic system of knowledge that spawned the Taoist, Vedic, Hindu, Siberian and Northern European schools of Pre-Christian animism and spiritual wisdom.

I discovered that if you can understand the basics of the nine dimensions contained in the Solar Wheel, you can apply this knowledge to just about any wisdom school in the world!

In fact, after taking the FREE online classes on this website, you will have more understanding of the power of the nine worlds of the World Tree than many so-called "masters."

This holds true regardless of whatever cultural system you choose to follow.

On this website, you will learn to access:

  • The Nine Spiritual Dimensions of the Tree of Life
  • The Doorways of Power in the Taoist Ba Gua (Eight Gates) Symbol
  • The Nine Energy Vortexes in the Human Body
  • The Eight Dimensions of the Vedic Dig Chakra (Direction Wheel)
  • The Nine Worlds of Yggdrassil, the Norse World Tree
  • The Protection of the Hindu Ashtanga Yantra (8-Limbed Wheel)
  • And much more...

For best results, please follow each link on the left hand side of the page, in order until you get to the FREE Magick Apprenticeship Lessons.

Then follow each lesson in order to master the level 1 course.

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